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Why DIT?

Delhi International Triathlon has been the pioneer in promoting and imbibing Triathlon Culture in the Northern part of India. Since its inception in 2012, many of our athletes have gone out and made it big in the international circuits of Ironman and Ultraman.

It’s Just not another sports event, it is managed by people like Sangeeta Saikia an accomplished runner who has been managing the swimming part for all these years. The Event is managed in such a manner that each participant will witness a personal touch and feels special about the experience.

A Team of Dedicated volunteers throughout the event will make you feel at home turf all the time.

Delhi International Triathlon in accordance with ITU and has set new standards. Zurich Ironman collaborated with DIT 2018 and Goa Ironman and Colombo Ironman collaborated with DIT 2019.

What is Triathlon?

A triathlon is a multiple-stage competition involving the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines.While many variations of the sport exist, triathlon, in its most popular form, involves swimming, cycling, and running in immediate succession over various distances. Triathletes compete for fastest overall course completion time, including timed "transitions" between the individual swim, cycle, and run components.

A transition area is set up where the athletes change gear for different segments of the race. This is where the switches from swimming to cycling and cycling to running occur. These areas are used to store bicycles, performance apparel, and any other accessories needed for the next stage of the race.