Triathlon Categories and distances

Triathlon Details

Welcome to Delhi International Triathlon 2017.Here is the route, flow of event, some Do’s and Don’ts and the rules to be followed by all.

The swim fitness certificate is Mandatory for all (except those who are existing members of SPM ) and needs to be submitted while collecting your Bib and Timing Chip Anklet.

All Triathletes please come with your BIB numbers written on both your shoulders (Portrait style) in Bold with a Strong Marker.We need this is make counting of laps flawless.
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Duathlon Details

You have the option of parking the cycle at the venue a day in advance at your designated slot. Please bring a cycle lock although the Stadium is Secure and guarded.

After you finish your swim, you will need to walk/run to your cycles, drop your baggage at your designated parking and start riding.

There would be a Timing Chip Mat en-route to count your Laps.
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