Do i need to wear swimming caps and goggles?

Cap only if your Scalp Hair is more than 6 inches, Goggles personal choice

Do i need to Shower before the plunge?

Yes Please

Can i keep a Water Bottle on the ledge while i swim?

Yes sure

Do I need to wear Swimming gear while swimming or i can jump in my cycling/running clothes?

Swimming Gear

Can i swim in any stroke?


How will i be timed for the swimming part?

You will Marshalls noting your time taken in each lap

Is there any Transition time?


How will i know how many laps i have finished ?

Ask the Time keeping Marshal

What If i fail to touch the ledge at the end of the lap and turn around without touching?

You will need to do the lap Again

What do I do if suddenly feel tired in the middle of my swim?

Hold the lane diving rope and stop to swim or try to get out of the Pool without disturbing others

Are there any cut offs in the swim part of various Triathlon Categories?

Yes – read the rules section

What if i am unable to finish in allotted time?

You will be asked to come out of the Pool

How do Marshals identify me when i am in the pool ?

You will have your Id Number written on your fore arms

Do need to bring in any certificate stating i can swim the distance signed for?


Where do i change to cycling clothes after my swim?

Rest Room or Cycle parking area

Are there any lockers Available?

Yes but you get your own Padlocks

Can i bring something to eat near the Pool deck?

No Food allowed at the Pool Deck