Vivek Vasishtha

Chiro Mitra – great experience and an amazing event. Please count me in for the winter edition. My 14 year son Kushagra requests all organizers for his inclusion in the winter edition as an exception…wish you good luck.

Shreyas Lakshminarayan

Really awesome event! Very well organised and conducted professionally!

Sumeet Popli

Hey guys. Great job with the event. It was my first entry in an organised athletics event of any kind and it was one to remember.

Yogesh Maan

Chiro ji it was a super super hit

Yogesh Maan

Still not came out of hangover of the event and the pleasure of comfortably finishing it

Prabhakaran Mohan

Thank you for providing a good triathlon experience.


  • The entire course was a well balanced and challenging one.
  • Timelines were met almost to perfection. Swimming wave 1 started bang on time.
  • Swim volunteers were cheering the participants and at the same time taking note of the laps carefully.
PT Alison

The swim volunteers were excellent!!

Sumeet Popli

Yes it was universal. Towards the end they prompted 3 more laps to go, 2 more laps to go, last lap… It was a wonderful even.

Gurpreet Singh

Swimming volunteers were awesome, Went back and met everyone post the event. One more thing I can add in suggestions is a group photograph of all the athletes before the event begins

Thanks to all the organisers and volunteers for the triathlon today. Wonderfully managed event. Swimming in Talkatora pool itself was an amazing experience. Already looking forward to the next one. Just want to say, i think you did a fantastic job at the Tri event.

Rajiva Lochan Singh

a big congrats to the organisers for the wonderful event

Neelu Panag Khanna

Chiro Da … This was a Benchmark . Mommy of all events so far ! From the time of start till the finish every detail was perfect . Standing yourself on the main zipping road to monitor traffic …till the time I walked out Adil Nargolwala shouting out to ask if I needed water. Shshank Pundir with his perfect briefing and Sangeeta Saikia with her zeal added to the class event . Rachna Subramanian & Shubcho Bagchi thank u too. Chiro Mitra and gang , you guys cracked it ! And this was the first time ever that I carried the snack dabba home ! Yummy . 😋

Ritesh Sharma

Amazing job guys!a very well organised event! Thank you for everything!!
My first participation in duathlon, enjoyed every moment ….. Flawless arrangement. Kudos to organisers and facilitators; and Cheers to every participant. On lighter note, Adil, Shshank, , Sangeeta, Chiro and Rachna – you gave us opportunity to participate in an event at talkatora stadium else everytime passing this road I used to think ‘ kya stadium hai 😄😄’ Best

Lochan Narayanan

It was an extremely well organised event.. Thanks for giving us this event that non professional athletes like me could attempt it.. Thanks to all the volunteers behind the scenes, to the guys standing at the water stations and definitely to the organisers.. Great event and we look forward to more.. And of course.. Swimming in talkatora was a great joy!!!

Suvrat Chaturvedi

Very well organized! Sets the bar a few notches higher for future events. Water spray while running was literally such a cool idea. Thanks.

Puneet Kumar Swami

Thanks guys for organising a wonderful event ..pre state to finish ..It was fantastically managed ..
My congratulation to the entire team …Cheers

Yashish Dahiya

Extremely well organized… The passion showed. Do keep us posted for the next one.

Priti Thakkar Zaveri

Chiro Mitra Shshank Pundir Sangeeta Saikia Shubho and all the rest of the organisers- Take a bow!! Fabulous event! Many many congratulations to all of you!! Lot of hard work and efforts were put in which was so evident in the way event flowed so smoothly! Thank u all for a wonderful experience and making my first DUATHLON -very memorable one for me! Thanks to each and every amazing marshal and the smiling faces of volunteers too who kept on encouraging every time u passed by!! My compliments to each one of u !!
Looking forward for the next one already- organisers!! 😉😀

Rajeev Koul

While we are celebrating our win, its incomplete without thanking Volunteers and organizers for such a brilliantly oragnized event. Thanks to each guy coming ahead to offer water, biscuits n all. You all have been bearing scorching heat to ensure that we all are hydrated. Kudos to all of you. Thanks Shubho Bagchi, Chiro Mitra, Shshank Pundir sir’s and Rachna Subramanian madam. It was an awesome event. Thanks Gaurav Wadhwa for boosting and also checking out that i don’t dash this time to ground smile emoticon Great work, congrats to all. Long live spirit and team DIT.

PT Alison

To all those involved in todays Tri event, THANK YOU! The volunteers, spectators and organisers, you deserve a huge round of applause. I personally had a great time and hope the event will go from strength to strength : ) For those who didn’t do it, you missed out on something special! See you at the next one

Sanjay Sharma

Great event .. And very well put together.. Loved every bit of it.. Biggest thanks for you to have done it in Delhi.. Looking forward to oylmpic level triathlons now…

Kudos to each one of you on the organising team….

Take a bow guys.. Chiro Mitra , Shubho Bagchi , Rachna Subramanian , Sangeeta, Adil, Shshank and everyone else on the team

Had a phenomenal time today, guys! Hats off to all the organizers and volunteers. smile emoticon I suffered a crippling heatstroke a couple of weeks ago and spent most of my time in bed the past 2 weeks – wasn’t sure till the very end if I would be able to do the event. I’m so happy I was able to make it! It was incredible seeing so many athletes take over Talkatora Stadium and the Ridge area. Also a huge thank you to Chiro and Rachna for patiently answering my endless queries in the lead up to the event. smile emoticon The only disappointing thing was that it was clarified only at the last minute that those wearing a trisuit need not wear their bib, but I found that most volunteers weren’t aware of this and I found many were not noting down the bib number at various places though I kept saying it out loud (and it was on my arm too). I hope this will not have an adverse impact on the official timings. But this is a small teething problem that I’m sure can be rectified in the next edition. A job well done, guys! Three cheers for making today a success. smile emoticon