Mind Your Manners!!! We will be watching you!


Pls gets the Fitness Certificate (format below in the hyperlink) signed by a Medical practitioner before submitting it to us on Bib Collection day Click Here for Fitness Certificate to Swim


  1. Shower before you get in the pool.
  2. Tri suits, wetsuits, swimsuits, cycling shorts, Tri athlete tops all welcome!
  3. Carry a towel in your race day kit to dry off before you mount your bike!
  4. Swim cap + goggles to be worn by men with long hair (long means longer than 6 inches) and by all women- it’s mandatory!
  5. There are Three people to a lane, swim in your lane.
  6. Maintain the same stroke (freestyle or breast stroke) for the entire length of the pool. You may switch strokes “only” once you have reached the end and tapped “the wall” to indicate you are done with that length! This is important for you to understand else you will be disqualified! No questions asked..!
  7. We will have Marshal’s stationed there to count the total number of laps you are doing. . If you do not “Tap the wall” that length will not be counted towards your 1km in the pool and you will have to do that length again! Ouch!!!!
  8. This is a 50meter pool, to and fro of one lane equates one lap)
    you will do

    • 8 laps for sprint
    • 15 Laps for Olympic
    • 19 Laps for Half Iron
    • 38 laps for Full Iron
  9. For people who feel the need to catch a breath during a length, or stand in their lane if they feel exhausted , please stick closest to the rope so as not to come in the way of the swimmers in your lane….don’t hog space in the pool!
  10. There are no separate transition times, if you cannot hoist yourselves out of the pool yourself or with a helping hand from our designated marshals, then use the ladder on either side of the pool but do not interrupt any other swimmer.
  11. Respect your swimming partner’s space- they are sharing your lane!
  12. Encourage, support and motivate your friends- some of you are doing this for the first time…lets make it something you will want to do again!


  1. No Flipping, No Spitting, No urinating in the pool- (People!!! please don’t do that- we have washrooms!!!!)
  2. No arguing with our Marshals- Period! They are there to help you!
  3. If you have communicable diseases, open cuts, healing wounds- stay home please! If you have produced a wrong Fitness Certificate then we reserve the right to take action.
  4. Nobody is responsible for your belongings but you!
  5. Nobody but you will be responsible for your performance on that day- you can smile through it or weep! WE will be there to assist you with both!


  1. Your race day kit must include- towels, socks, shoes, cycling helmet, sunglasses, small snack (dry fruit, banana, energy gel). The kit must be placed on your cycle. Tags for your kit will be given to you on Bib pick up day.
  2. You may want to carry an extra set of clothes to change after your run.
  3. Women who are not comfortable with cycling/ running in their swim attire may carry their slacks to wear before getting on their cycles.
  4. Women who do not have a triathlete suit for the event may wear their sports bras under their swim suits to make transition times flawless.
  5. Remember to have fun and train hard!


  • The cycling route will NOT have any official closures although both the Police and Sports Authority of India have been involved in the planning process for the race.
  • There would be Military Police at intersections and merging roads.
  • All competitors will be required to wear STANDARDS APPROVED HELMET throughout the bike course.
  • Helmet straps must be fastened at all times when the bicycle is in motion i.e. being ridden or walked. In the event of a breakdown on the cycle course, the helmet must remain on and securely fastened.
  • Absolutely no drafting another bicycle or any other vehicle is allowed. A space of four bike lengths must be left between all riders at all times. While overtaking ensure you are on the right side and maintain safe distance from the fellow racer. Use hand signals when you want to stop or if you see any obstructions on the road to caution the cyclist behind you.
  • Competitors are individually responsible for following traffic laws under the Motor Vehicles Act or any other law which is applicable to cyclists and pedestrians and they are solely responsible for the consequences of any infringements.
  • Competitors must obey the instructions of course marshal’s, military police and volunteers at all times.
  • No MP3 Players, iPod’s, walkmans etc are permitted whilst competing.


  • No form of locomotion other than running or walking is allowed – no exceptions!
  • No individual support vehicles or escort runners or pacers are allowed.
  • Runners are expected to follow the directions of all course marshals, volunteers, military police and race officials.
  • No MP3 Players, iPod’s, walkmans etc. are permitted whilst competing.

Transition Area

  • Once the race starts, only competitors who are racing can enter the bike compound during transition. Remember to get all your swim gear out of the bike compound before the race commences, as you will be unable to return to the bike compound until your cycle leg.
  • Make a mental note of your placement in the bike compound so you can easily find your correct position, e.g. Bike rack row number. No flags, signs or tape can be used to identify a competitor’s bike rack as it provides an unfair advantage over other competitors.
  • Bikes must be placed in the correct bike rack after the bike sector of the race. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  • Each competitor is ultimately responsible for his or her own gear.
  • Helmets must be fastened prior to unracking your bike and must remain fastened until the bike has been racked following the cycle leg. Any breach of this rule may incur a time penalty.
  • Do not sabotage or meddle with any other competitor’s equipment, accessories or bicycle.

Advice of Penalties

Penalty box infractions:

  • Drafting + 30 Mins
  • Blocking + 30 Mins
  • Illegal passing + 15 Mins
  • Unfastened helmet + 15 Mins
  • Pulling back in the swim + 10 Mins
  • Early start or turn on the swim + 20 Mins