All competitors agree to abide by the following terms and conditions to participate in Delhi International Triathlon 2020


I have completed 16+ years of age.
(Participants under 16 Years … waiver form should be submitted along with parenteral consent)

  1. I agree to be solely responsible for fee payable for participation/entry.
  2. I agree that the event organizer has absolute authority regarding decisions affecting the operations, presentation, and delivery of the event.
  3. I agree that I am medically and physically fit to a standard required so that I am not a danger to my health, wellbeing or to the safety of others.
  4. I agree that DIT organizers and representatives reserve the right to disqualify me if they feel that I will be unable to finish without endangering my health.


  1. By entering the event, participant waives and discharges from any and all liability for death, disability, personal injury, property damage, property theft and all other foreseeable risks, claims or actions of any kind including negligence which may arise at any time as a result of their participation in the event.
  2. I understand that I should not compete, participate in this event unless I have trained appropriately, gaining necessary skills and my physical fitness has been verified by a medical practitioner to a standard capable to sustain the expected physical and mental stress.
  3. I consent to receiving any medical treatment including ambulance transportation that the event organizers think desirable during or after the event. I agree to bear the costs or expenses incurred in providing medical treatment in any unforeseen incident.
  4. I accept the safety precautions undertaken by organizers (such as course supervision, race safety briefings, and bicycle, helmet safety checks) are a service to me and other competitors, participant but are not a guarantee of safety.
  5. I understand that compulsory insurance cover affected for participants in this event may not cover me for any or all injury, loss or damage sustained by me. I am responsible for my personal insurance.
  6. I am fully responsible for the security of my personal belongings at the event including my bike and other valuable items within the race transition area. The event organizers will not be responsible or liable for the repair or replacement of any personal possessions whether lost, stolen or damaged.


  1. I agree my entry is not transferable to any another person. However, I can submit a request up to 30days before the event date to organiser and pay transfer fee for such unavoidable transfers.
  2. I agree any attempt to transfer my entry or allow another person to participate under my name without the event organizer’s approval will result in a cancellation of participation and waiver all refund or credits.


  1. I agree that if the event is disturbed due to storm, rain, inclement weather, winds, safety concerns, terrorism, war or other ‘act of God’ on the day of event, my participation fee shall be non-refundable.
  2. I accept if the event is rescheduled to a new date for any reason mentioned by the event organizers, all entries received prior to the rescheduling of the event will automatically be transferred to the new date.
  3. I accept that if a minimum number of participants do not enter a specific event or race category, event organizers have the right to cancel the event and provide refund to participants excluding any taxes, processing or government fees.


  1. I consent to event organizers adding my email address & phone numbers to the database and agree to receive event notifications, newsletters and reminder emails.
  2. I further waive any claim for compensation of any kind, if the event organizers use my photographs in any publication, media or for event promotion.
  3. I acknowledge and consent to the event organizers providing my personal details (limited to race number, full name and email address) to the official event photographer.
  4. I consent to event organizers that if I am filmed, recorded on any media of whatever nature. The name appearance photographs can be used for the purpose of promoting the event and to the commercial rights related to the event by DIT organizers.


  1. I accept that, inability to take part in the event does not warrant a credit or refund.
  2. I agree refunds or credits do not apply to items such as merchandise, accommodation, meals, travel or any other ancillary services.
  3. No refund will be eligible in case of no show where the participant arrives late or does not turn up for the event.
  4. Only the registered participant can attend the event & replacement or substitution not allowed.
  5. No refunds will be eligible to any individual if the event conducted is not up to the satisfaction or expectation of the participant.
  6. In case event is cancelled or postponed, should this occur, we will attempt to contact you to inform you of the revised dates & if you are unable to attend the event / conference / Work shop then the amount will be refunded back to you.


All disputes are subject to DELHI JURISDICTION only.